Refund Policy

Clients will be eligible for a full refund if any or all of the following are true:
– No ads have been activated within 5 business days of Facebook Addicts receiving your campaign assets.
– If we mutually agree that the campaign budget has been poorly managed.
– If Facebook Addicts are responsible for causing your account to be banned due to violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

Clients will not be eligible for a refund for any of the following:
– A campaign has unperformed against expectation. This is part of the risk of business.
– If grammatical spelling errors or off-brand messaging is perpetuated. Campaigns are subject to be approved by clients before going live, we are complicit in our verification of ads, therefore mutually accountable.
– If they decide to cancel or terminate work after consultation, strategic planning have commenced. Meetings require time, strategy requires exptertise and work requires time allocation that could be otherwise spent serving someone else.

Outside of the above clear circumstances:
all other instances of refund requests are negotiated and issued at the discretion of Facebook Addicts. This will include partial and full refunds.