Aug 23, 2016

GB Wear Europe




GB Wear Europe is a funny story. Renaldo our strategic lead does Brazilian jiu jitsu as a hobby and has been doing so for some 8 years. Gracie Barra is one of the pioneering brands behind the mixed martial arts revolution and the infamous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) who recently sold for $4.2 billion.

They (Gracie Barra) had already established a thriving brand known as GB Wear (the clothing arm to the brazilian jiu jitsu schools) and wanted to expand into Europe. Braulio Estima is one of the most prominent jiu jitsu fighters of our time, multiple time world champion and ambassodor of Gracie Barra in Europe. He happened to be Renaldo’s instructor.

Renaldo had already established his credibility by building a website for the Gracie Barra Birmingham jiu jitsu academy where he was a student. Braulio had now been commissioned with the task of bringing GB Wear over to Europe. A task he off loaded to his operations manager Stuart.

Stuart (a non-techie) called on Renaldo to assist with some of the technical work. Renaldo obliged and this would grow into a long term thriving relationship where Renaldo and his team would build the GB Wear Europe website infrastructure into a powerhouse. He used the conventional tactics of website ecommerce optimisation, best practices and seo.

The site was grossing over £130,000 in yearly sales by year 2. Then Renaldo went on a journey to silicon valley where he would go through a series of re-eductation into the world of Direct response marketing.

This new paradigm and philosophy of marketing would open up new channels of awareness, the most primary of which being predictable traffic. The only way you can predict traffic is by paying for it. Renaldo sought out and tested the most prominent traffic channels from adwords to bing and would eventually stumble onto facebook ads.

From a mediocre course and an adventure into testing the way the system worked, Renaldo became confident to run Facebook ads for GBWear.

The very next year, revenue grew by 80% to £246,000 in revenue. This was in large part due to Facebook advertising campaigns. He found what was appropriately called the hyper responsive crowd, an audience of people highly responsive to advertisement of any product the brand released.

To date, Gbwear Europe enjoys a healthy yearly turnover of over £300,000 in large part due to the momentum built through Facebook Advertising. Below are a mixture of conversion campaigns and website click campaigns that we have run.


Facebook Advertising
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Braulio Estima

I’ve been doing business with Renaldo for a very long time. GB Wear is one of many success examples of his ability to break down a marketing problem to a fine art and turn it into gold. I’d recommend Renaldo’s services to anyone who is serious about winning in Digital Marketing. I think his strict focus on Facebook Advertising and growth of his team with Facebook Addicts makes for an ideal blend of a likely successful outcome for any client.

Stuart Gwilt

Me and Renaldo have more or less been married since the conception of GB Wear Europe. Through the highs and the lows he is our advisor in all things marketing and web. When he decided to focus and specialise in Facebook Marketing it did wonders for GB Wear, especially for occasions like Black Friday. We’re now on our way to £500,000 and probably would have never gotten remotely close if it were not for Renaldo’s insights, expertise and hard work.