Dare Response

Sep 22, 2016




Dare Response has been an interesting campaign. Barry the founder is an expert at working with people who suffer from anxiety attacks.

He has appeared on numerous shows and is a thought leader in his field with a best-selling book DARE available on amazon.

He had tried his hand at some advertising on Facebook but was finding that lead generation was far too expensive and there was no real flow or continuity.

This was a perfect fit for our RACS system. His market were people with a clear need, could be moved emotionally and had a problem waiting to be solved (sufferers of anxiety/ panic attacks.)

We had a major problem in front of us. Unfortunately Facebook did not like the url of Dareresponse.com and neither did it like the problems it was claiming to solve (Facebook take issue with negative keywords like attack and panic.)

This restricted us from using retargeting on his main domain: darereponse.com.

We tackled this problem by instead creating a mini website that would host a series of blog posts (we started with 3 blog posts). This was swiftly executed by John, (Barry’s Rockstar Developer).

We then took an already existing video Barry had previously created and implemented these elements using the philosophy of RACS our layer based approach to Facebook advertising (learn more about it here).

We felt this video would be a slam dunk before we even served it to the world of Facebook. While it only commanded a handful of views on Youtube, Facebook’s discovery algorithm suited it to a T, and low and behold we were right!

The video went viral with over 3.4 million views within the 10 days 50,000 shares, 14,000 reactions and 4,900 comments….and counting!


From this we managed to build a sizeable custom audience that we funneled towards a landing page to download a free audio book. website-dare2bfree

7 months later this campaign continues to generate consistent leads at $0.58 per lead. Book sales grew up to 15 sales per day and is selling and we were experiencing audio program sales at just $5–6 per sale (a $67 audio program.)

This campaign has been phenomenal and now enjoys the luxury of automation. Barry need not do anything, so long as he spends money with Facebook.

In here is a perfect demonstration of the power and philosophy the RACS method of layer based advertising in Facebook.




Testimonial: Barry McDonagh

I was looking for someone who would take a hands-on active interest in our Facebook advertising efforts not someone who just works the account with no real understanding of the business.

I also of course wanted someone who REALLY knows his FB stuff. Renaldo broke it all down into clear steps that would allow us to first build awareness of the products and eventually make sales to those targeted prospects. 

Renaldo sees the importance of developing a relationship of trust between consumer and merchant. That relationship is key as gone are the days of just hitting people over the head with the same ad again and again. 

I would absolutely recommend Renaldo to anymore (big or small) who is trying to make Facebook a profitable source of traffic.