Our Structure

We are a remote team of precisely skilled staff. Each member is deeply passionate and focuses on one area of the process. These skills are tied together through a workflow conducted and driven by a project manager.

Campaign Strategists
Our strategists outline the goals of campaigns and develop plans that stay within the parameters of the business economics.
Project Managers
Our project managers are the communications manager of all personnel involved in the process.
Our copywriters develop a feel and tone for our client’s brand and write all of the ad copy.
Ad Technicians
Our ad technicians focus on the technical performance of campaigns inside of Facebook ads manager. This includes split testing, audience optimizing, rule development, and campaign maintenance.
Our analysts provide reporting and insights that explains data activity in simple digestible format that can help assist the decision making process.
Content Distributors
Responsible for publishing and circulating content throughout Facebook & Instagram pages. They also implement and publish messenger-bot workflows.